Sledge Hockey The Paralympics Way - It Isn't An Easy Game

London being part of the island country has a limitation to expand; though it can grow vertically but not horizontally. Thus many of the space consuming sporting events will be conducted outside the city. The four major categories according to which the venues are divided are Olympic Park, London venues, venues out of London and Non-sporting venues. Olympic Park is located on the eastern side of London. The area within which it is located is called Stratford.

The games of 2012 will include 26 sports. Baseball and softball will not be played in London; however they do remain Olympic sports. Women's boxing has been added for 2012. The council worker pension will also take place and will feature 20 different areas of competition.

With the encouragement of family and friends who urged her to press on she was introduced to sports for the disabled and a competitive swim coach John Ogden from Beverly MA paraplegic man walks again who helped her to focus on what she could do instead of what she couldn't.

Also, as previously announced, rowdy roddy piper death, who was in the main event of the very first Wrestlemania is not in any of the matches in the mode. Instead of the big match with Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff fighting Hulk Hogan and Mr. T from that first Wrestlemania, the Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd "Bodyslam Challenge" takes its place.

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